willow showing fresh colours

Willow cuttings

I have run out of cuttings already for 2020. Sorry! Back next year...

For starting your own willow bed for basket making...

This year I am offering some limited amount of cuttings for sale.

I often get asked what willow varieties I grow and how I get to use so many colours in my baskets. The answer is I grow a wide variety of willow varieties, selected over many years for growth habits, flexibility and colour of the bark.

All cuttings will be sold in packs of 5 of the same variety at €5 per pack. Postage is extra.

How to order?

1. have a look at the list of varieties below. Note the number and names of the varieties you are interested in.

2. Send me an email with your order with willow cuttings as a headline. Please let me know your postal address. My email is barnabaun@live.ie.

3. I will add up the amount your order comes too and add postage costs. I will then send you a payment request via PayPal. You do not need an account to make this kind of payment. All credit/debit cards are accepted.

4. Once the payment is made I will post out your parcel!


Do keep in mind I will only be able to post within Europe ( and UK) due to import regulations of live planting material.

All-round great weaving varieties

1.Irish Black: This is a bright green variety. It can grow a little large in fertile soil. But it retains it colour once dry and is very flexible and easy to weave with.

2.Salix Purpurea Brittany blue: A blue drying rod, very flexible. Very similar to Brittany Green except in colour.

3.Salix Purpurea Brittany Green: Soft green rods drying pale brown. Very flexible long and skinny rods.

4.Salix Alba Vittelina: The rods are bright yellow when growing but dry to a red-brown colour. Very flexible and good producer.

5.Salix Purpurea Green Dicks: Lovely skinny green rods. Very good all rounder. Dries to greeny brown.

6.Flanders Red: I love this variety as a good all rounder. It grows green/red rods and they dry reddish-brown. It can grow too tall in fertile soil. I have planted mine in semi-shade and it sends up lovely thin rods every year.


Varieties just for colour

These varieties are not great for weaving a complete basket with. I would not recommend them for using as uprights. They are great for using in the side of a basket or the base. They are too fast growing and sending up thick stems, or not strong enough. But I tolerate them for their beautiful colours!

7.Salix Viminalis Golden Rod: This is a yellow variety that dries yellow. Stems have a lot of pith therefore are very soft.

8.Salix Daphnoides: This is a bright purple variety with a soft white bloom when it dries.

9.Salix Alba Britzensis: Bright orange stems dying to a bright red colour. Very fast growing and branchy.

10.Welsh White: short stumpy rods of a lovely soft pale peach colour. To be used semi-green as once dry the skin cracks easily.