Sculpture ‘Whispers’ and how it came about

Last year my business did really well. But towards the end of the year I was very close to burn-out. I had been teaching community groups, travelled for classes from Dingle to Dublin. I had a lot of orders to fill for shops and commissions. I am really grateful for it. Except one thing was missing. One very vital thing. I was so tired of running around doing what I was asked to do for others I forgot about what I wanted to make for me.

Sculpture in progree
Sculpture in progress

What nourishes me is walks, being outside in the garden, writing poems, connecting with our life here in a meaningful way. And out of that a desire is born to create sculptures. I have always seen myself ending up there, just making sculptural work. Last year I hardly made any. Running around like a headless chicken is not very conducive to making artwork. I need silence. I need time. I need to immerse myself in what it is I want to express.

Inspiration: sunshine in woods
Inspiration: sunshine in woods

Taking a good long break over Christmas gave me back my perspective. I realised that in the new year I will work from a different direction. Instead of doing what is asked of me I will focus more on what I want to give to others.

delicate spider webs
delicate spider webs

So last week I made my first sculpture of 2018. When making it words came flooding through me. I just allowed it all to happen. Once the sculpture was ready and I had a good look at what I had written I realised these words where meant for me. A reminder for how important it is to listen to this inner voice. Because not only has it your wellbeing at heart, but also the worlds.

Sculpture WHISPER
Sculpture WHISPER

So that is why I want to encourage all of you too to just follow that nudge you feel, that urge, that annoying little call that won’t leave you alone. You never know it might bring you exactly where you want to be.

Sculpture WHISPER
Sculpture WHISPER



When all has been spent
My robes are empty
When there is nothing left to give
Will you finally hear my roar?

When you are going hungry
And your way to farm food
No longer gives you all you need
Will you listen to my whisper then?

When my rivers run dry
No more tears to shed
Or my streams transform
Into raging torrents
Will you finally take to heart
My painful spasms?

When from desperation
you will finally have to stop
running at unnatural speeds

Will you open up?
Will you slow down enough to feel the earth beneath your feet?
Will you feel her tender touch
The connection you both have been craving
For such a long time?

When each step,
each embrace,
each hurting muscle,
and each annoying incident
is only saying one thing:
Stop. Slow down and listen.
The whisper can grow
into a resounding ROAR!


Sculpture WHISPER is for sale for €550. See shop here