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I have been teaching for many years. People might do a course here and there. But there was never any clear work schedule or program to follow. This is why I am very excited to present to you:


A course is aimed at those who have made a few baskets and now want to progress to the next level. Or you have got the bug and want to learn more!

It is perfect for those that really want to dive deep into the craft of basket making, want to improve their techniques, learn new ones and want to acquire a fluency in their work. In other words, you want to BECOME A BASKET MAKER. As a hobby or maybe later on as a profession.
Although the course is not focussed on teaching you all the possible techniques available, it will build your knowledge of why and when to use certain weaves.
It might be easy to find someone to teach you the basics of basket making but once you are serious about it how do you progress? What do you learn first? ( I was in the same boat 15 years ago trying to teach myself from books as there was no program available)

So I have made one….!

This is what I would like to offer you…

The course is a 9-month program. Each month we will tackle one project. Except for the first month where we will focus on willow (Where to buy, growing, harvesting, preparing etc.)

With each project I have added a few new techniques so that by the end of the 9 month program you will be fluent in all the techniques you need for basket making. Once you sign up you will get access to the course content on this website. The content will be both written notes and practical video tutorials. You will have unlimited access to the course for an unlimited time. (Some of the projects are: Round shopping basket, skib, oval bread basket, oval shopping basket, round sided basket, log basket,…). Techniques covered are randing ( 4 ways), 3-rod wale, 4- rod wale (2 ways), 8 different rod borders, handles, how to make a traditional Irish skib, oval base, controlling shape and much more!

My recommendation is to make each project 4 times. That means one basket a week. You will have to make sure you have willow available.

Once a week I will be going live in our private Facebook group to answer your questions. You will also be able to share your progress in that group and interact with the other makers in the program.

As this is the first time I am running this course I have kept the price really low  only €720

PHASED PAYMENT AVAILABLE. ( €84 per month for 9 months) Pay below by clicking on the buy now button.

Pay monthly here

There will be a limited amount of spaces available as I would like to give each participant my full attention.

The course will be available to buy from February 4th until February 15th. All going well we will start the course on Monday February 18th.

Online course: Becoming a basket maker