What You Will Learn

Each course is build up of 5 projects. Each project is broken into different videos where I explain new technique clearly and step by step.
Each project also has clear downloadable step by step instructions.

Becoming A Basket Maker Course 1

Round work

In this course I teach you all the foundational weaving techniques while still keeping to a round shape. The aim in this course is to build skills as a weaver. With each project I add new techniques and challenges.
I show 5 different borders, 3 ways of waling, different randing techniques, different ways to make handles,…

Becoming A Basket Maker Course 2

Oval work

In the oval work course I build up your weaving skills even more. In this course I specifically focus on 4 different ways of weaving oval bases, but also still add more weaving techniques (like scalloming, frame base, slewing,…)
For this course you will need to be fluent in your borders and basic techniques (taught in course 1)



Round work

425Full Payment
  • In this course I teach you all the foundational weaving techniques while still keeping to a round shape.

From Round to Oval Work

920Full Payment
  • Round and Oval Work Courses

Oval Work

595Full Payment
  • In the oval work course I build up your weaving skills even more.


Round work

43 x 10Monthly Payment
  • In this course I teach you all the foundational weaving techniques while still keeping to a round shape.

From Round to Oval Work

97 x 10Monthly Payment
  • Round and Oval Work Courses

Oval Work

60 x 10Monthly Payment
  • In the oval work course I build up your weaving skills even more.

What You Will Get

  • Unlimited Access 
    Unlimited access to all video’s forever so you can go back and look at a certain technique over and over again.

  • Access to Me
    Unlimited access to me as tutor through email and Facebook.

  • Live Sessions 
    Regular Facebook live (or Zoom) sessions where you can ask questions and interact with me or where I will show extra information if needed.

  • Private Facebook Groups 
    A private Facebook group only for participants in the course where you can share your work, interact with other participants, ask questions and lots more.

  • Worksheets
    A printable worksheet with the ‘recipe’ for each project.

  • Work at Your Own Pace
    You can work through the course at your own pace. There is no time limit. You can go as fast or as slow as you want.

  • No Overwhelm
    No overwhelm. New techniques are added slowly with each project so you get time to practice them before moving on to the next one.

What You Will Need

  • Tools 
    Secateurs, measuring tape at least. Maybe a bodkin, wrapping iron, knife.

  • Willow 
    Material is not included in the course. You will either have access to your own grown willow (or friends, ditches,..!) or find your local supplier. (if this is an issue, please get in touch as I might be able to help you out with that. Also see list of suppliers at the bottom of this page).

  • A Place to Soak Your Willow 
    This can be a bath, stream, tub, pipes, watering trough for animals, a hole in the ground lined with plastic, …. (anything that will hold willow that is between 3 and 6ft (120cm-180cm) long for about a week at the time).

  • Time
    Time to practice. Each project can take several hours (depending on each persons weaving stride) and will need to be repeated to gain full muscle memory knowledge.

  • Laptop/Tablet
    A laptop/tablet with internet connection to watch the video’s on.

Are you struggling to find information on basket making?
Would you like to learn from your own home?
At your own pace?

You have been feeling this for a while now….
It has been pulling you, nudging you, pushing you,….

And now you are here.

You want to learn how to make a basket.
You want to learn how to gather your materials,
how to sit down with them and let your hands touch the willow
you want to learn how to weave with confidence, assurance and style.

You want to sit and feel connected.
To your past, your ancestors who were also basket making
your ancestors who knew this craft, who mastered it.

You want to sit and feel connected to the natural world around you.
Use her plentiful harvest.
and use it to create objects of great beauty and use.

You came to the right place….

This is for You If

  • You are self- motivated, you really want to learn!

  • You love working with your hands.

  • You are a problem solver, you always figure things out.

  • You would love to learn a new craft.

  • You want to learn from someone with experience.

  • You love working with natural materials.

  • You really don’t know why but are just fascinated with baskets!

This is Not for You If

  • You cannot find willow in your area (for sale or growing wild).

  • You are not good at problem solving.

  • You are afraid to get stuck in.

  • You have arthritis in your hands, or have difficulty using your hands to do manual labor (basket making is hard work!)

  • You have no internet connection.

How much willow do I need?

Keep in mind that the amount of willow needed is an estimate. Length and thickness will vary according to your own supply. It is recommended to do each project at least 4 times (so multiply the amount by 4 to get at the total amount needed)

3 ft/90 cm x 280 rods
4 ft/120 cm x 270 rods
5 ft/150 cm x 265 rods
6 ft/180 cm x 145 rods
7 ft/210 cm x 17 rods
3 ft/90 cm x 325 rods
4 ft/120 cm x 410 rods
5 ft/150 cm x 135 rods
6-7ft/180-210 cm x 10 rods
COURSE 1 & 2
3 ft/90 cm x 605 rods
4 ft/120 cm x 680 rods
5 ft/150 cm x 400 rods
6 ft/180 cm x 145 rods
7 ft/210 cm x 23 rods

Where To Get Willow For Cuttings (Planting) And Weaving

Most basket makers would have some willow growing or know someone who does. If you know a basket maker local to you ask for advice.

Barry Noyce Tipperary, his number is 086 824 1393. He has a wide variety of willow varieties available and sells cuttings in the winter months.

Future forests in co. Cork have basket making willow varieties for sale as cuttings. They are not great at labelling and named varieties. Their website is here

The Organic Centre in Leitrim has some willow varieties for sale as cuttings. Their website is here

Musgrove willow growers in Somerset, UK. https://www.musgrovewillows.co.uk/

Somerset Willow Growers UK http://www.willowgrowers.co.uk/

Coates English Willow, UK https://www.englishwillowbaskets.co.uk/

West Wales willows, Wales. http://westwaleswillows.co.uk/

Redstone Willows, Cheshire,  http://redstonewillows.co.uk/

Blencogo Willow, Scotland: http://blencogowillow.com/

The willow bank, Gloucestershire, UK : https://www.thewillowbank.com/

World of willow, Dorset, UK: https://www.worldofwillow.co.uk/

Windrush willows near Exeter UK: https://windrushwillow.com/

L’osier de Guedrod, France : https://www.osierprod.com/

De Vos. Belgium. http://devossalix.be/nl/ shipping all over Europe

Hans Ender, Germany: http://hans-ender.de/

Andreas Schardt KG, Germany: http://hans-ender.de/

Living Willow Farm, Roseville, Ohio, USA: https://livingwillowfarm.com/

Or his other website The Basket Farmer, Ohio, USA: www.basketfarmer.com/

Dunbar Gardens, Washington, USA: http://www.dunbargardens.com/

The Branch Ranch, Warkworth, Ontario, Canada: https://thebranchranch.ca/ SHIPPING TO USA and they have willow available

Lakeshore willows, Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada: http://www.lakeshorewillows.com/

Go Willow, New Zealand: https://www.gowillow.co.nz

And this is not an exhaustive list, there must be more out there that I haven’t found yet….!

What Previous Participants Are Saying

I absolutely loved your online course. It definitely suited my lifestyle. There wasn’t any part of the course that I didn’t enjoy. All the challenges in your projects allowed me to build and incorporate learned skills into following projects. I loved being able to work in my own time and space with the knowledge that if I ran into difficulties in any area I could message you and get an almost immediate reply. It was my first online course, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I now consider it money very well spent. Your guidance, delivery, clarity and enthusiasm was excellent. The format easy to follow and I have unreservedly recommended your online course to anybody who has asked where I learned my weaving skills.


I’ve absolutely loved the course. Learning to weave has helped me through what has otherwise been a difficult year – so thank you!! The videos are excellent and clear and I also really liked your more philosophical points about practise and mistakes etc! I also really enjoyed the online format for sharing projects with other members, and the fact that I could go at my own pace and fit in the weaving around other plans. I think an added bonus to the online format is that it forced me to learn to manage my own willow – ordering, sorting, soaking – along the way, so I have learned skills that I may not have done through a conventional course.


I though it worked out perfectly and your videos were perfect. I love the angles of the cameras and how well you explained each step. I also liked how the course built upon itself.


I loved the course because there was always another project coming it made me practice all the more. And the really good thing is that I have the videos to go back to forever. That is a real winner.