I make both functional and sculptural work

I seesaw between the structure that repetition gives me to make functional work and hone my techniques and the easy flow of making sculptural work. The first one offering a framework to allow for the second one to happen naturally. 


Sculpture teardrop
IMG_20181212_155034_401 (Small)
IMG_20180222_162904 (Medium) (2) (Small)
Large skib
20200711_172940 (Medium) (2) (Small)
IMG_20170208_141948 (Small)
20200305_114323 (Medium)
Round log basket
Shopping basket with flowers
Large shopping basket with frame base Hanna Van Aelst
Skibs, traditional Irish potato baskets
IMG_5407 (2000x1642) (Medium) (Small)
Sculpture Tracing Lines Hanna Van Aelst
Round shopping basket
Sculpture flow
Wedding arch from willow
Picnic Basket
Sculpture plenty
Large skib
Sculpture Tracing Lines detail Hanna Van Aelst