What willow varieties should I grow?

I often get asked about what the best willow varieties are. I really can never give a straight answer to that. Willow will grow different in every location, depending on climate, weather conditions and soil composition. My advice is to start growing a wide range of varieties for a few years and try them out

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Willow infestation

It all started about 5 years ago when we brought willow home from a friend with strange looking black nodules on it. I had never seen it before and did not make much of it. It looked quite harmless, a little like a gall. That next year I noticed some on our own willow as

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Growing willow

Would you like to have a look at how we grow our willow? This video shows you our different willow beds. We have some on terraces, planted through a membrane. Some in deeper beds with no weed suppressor, and more in the vegetable garden. https://youtu.be/CrIQMuWsWh0  

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Soaking willow

soaking willow in soaking tank for basket making I often get asked: 'how do you soak your willow Hanna?' 'How long do you leave it to soak?' Or 'Why do you soak your willow?' I have made a video about all of that, you can watch it here. https://youtu.be/VL7C4nNJSy4

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Planting willow

A little video of us planting our willow. Enjoy!   https://youtu.be/D48vIjFzfok

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Steaming willow for basket making

We have for a long time been talking about making a steamer. The problem was how do we make one? I know a few people who use a wallpaper stripper. We however live off grid so do not have the luxury of plugging one in. At the start of this year Jef came up with

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Planting, harvesting, grading and preparing willow for basket making

Willow is such a versatile tree. There are thousands of willow varieties. Within them are basket making varieties specifically grown for the qualities we need such as pliability, size, colour and ease to grow and harvest. We are very lucky that these varieties have survived and are still available to us for use. different

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