Basket making tools

In this video I show you the tools you need for making a basket. I also show you the 3 tools I started out with, the tools that should be in a beginners tool basket and we have a look at what is in my tool basket now. What's in your tool basket?

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How I became a basket maker

I thought, I would tell you a little about how I started weaving? Well,At the start, life was messy, life was full.Life was very hard and demanding.But something was driving me on, something kept me going regardless.Let me explain.... When myself and my husband came to Ireland first it so happened we stayed with a

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Traditional Irish potato basket: the SKIB

skibs in a variety of colours and sizes It was Joe Hogan, with his book Basketmaking in Ireland that brought the Irish potato basket back into everyday use in Ireland. Joe did a lot of research into traditional Irish baskets. One of them is the skib. The skib was used to strain and

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