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How I became a basket maker

I thought, I would tell you a little about how I started weaving? Well,At the start, life was messy, life was full.Life was very hard and demanding.But something was driving me on, something kept me going regardless.Let me explain.... When myself and my husband came to Ireland first it so happened we stayed with a

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How to make a round base If you would like to learn how to make a basket this video will show you how to make the base. I take you through each step. If you would like to learn more, I have a full, FREE, online course available that will show you each step in making a basket. To sign

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3 ways to join in the base Did you know there are 3 ways of joining in the base? In this video I explain 3 different ways of joining: -Easy join: Used most often, easy to do but still strong. -magic join: Harder to do, can come loose easily, but this one is magic because it cannot be seen on the

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Soaking willow

soaking willow in soaking tank for basket making I often get asked: 'how do you soak your willow Hanna?' 'How long do you leave it to soak?' Or 'Why do you soak your willow?' I have made a video about all of that, you can watch it here.

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Sculptures FALLEN

You know when you fall down, get hurt, fall ill, stumble or stall? I believe making 'mistakes' or getting hurt is a vital part of life that we, for some reason, have learned to look at as bad. The sculptures 'Fallen' are all about that and in this video I talk about them and what

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Planting willow

A little video of us planting our willow. Enjoy!

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Steaming willow for basket making

We have for a long time been talking about making a steamer. The problem was how do we make one? I know a few people who use a wallpaper stripper. We however live off grid so do not have the luxury of plugging one in. At the start of this year Jef came up with

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Traditional Irish potato basket: the SKIB

skibs in a variety of colours and sizes It was Joe Hogan, with his book Basketmaking in Ireland that brought the Irish potato basket back into everyday use in Ireland. Joe did a lot of research into traditional Irish baskets. One of them is the skib. The skib was used to strain and

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