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What willow varieties should I grow?

I often get asked about what the best willow varieties are. I really can never give a straight answer to that. Willow will grow different in every location, depending on climate, weather conditions and soil composition. My advice is to start growing a wide range of varieties for a few years and try them out

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How to weave a hanging basket?

This is another fun project. You can make these baskets in any size. They are handy because they are an easy and nice way to store a variety of things. From vegetables in the kitchen, to little bits and bobs in the bathroom. This basket it started by weaving the base as usual, then the

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How to weave a basket? Basket making for beginners.

Basket making is one of the oldest crafts. People have been weaving vessels for collecting, storing and transporting goods and food for thousands of years. I have been fascinated with basket making for more then 15 years now. I work in particular with willow, an easily grown material here in Ireland, Northern Europe. It grows

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