I remember when I started out in basket making I wanted to try out everything and all at once!

I have found that working methodically through a schedule is easier to learn and build on new techniques.

I have made this schedule as a suggestion. I am also hoping it will give students a bit of an idea where they are working towards. I would recommend plenty of repetition and practice however. The more you practice the techniques taught in class at home the more fluent you will get at them. We live in a fast paced world and it is tempting to move on quickly. However a good grounding in your techniques will stand to you in the long run. I would recommend making the same basket at least 5 times before moving on. You will not only remember the techniques but also you will be working at how to handle and shape the willow into the shape you are looking for. This can only be mastered through practice and experience.

So my main advice to get good at weaving is to practice, try again, practice and do make some more!

And have fun doing!


A. Round work

  1. Small round bread/fruit basket

    image of handmade harvest basket by Hanna Van Aelst
    Fruit basket by Hanna Van Aelst
  2. Small plant pot holder (with 2 small handles)

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3. Small skib (30cm)

image of a selection of small skibs by Hanna Van Aelst
Selection of small Skibs by Hanna Van Aelst

4. Round shopping basket

5. Medium skib (45cm)

image of handmade willow medium Skib by Hanna Van Aelst
Medium Skib by Hanna Van Aelst

6. Large skib (65cm)

image of Skib, Large, handmade by Hanna Van Aelst
Large Skib by Hanna Van Aelst

7. Small log basket/kindling basket

Small log basket by Hanna Van Aelst
Small log basket Hanna Van Aelst

8. ‘Bucket’ basket

9. Laundry basket


B. Oval work

  1. Oval shopping basket
    image of shopping and flower handmade baskets on table by Hanna Van Aelst
    Shopping and flower basket’s by Hanna Van Aelst


    2. Oval bread basket

3. Laundry basket

4. Dolls cradle

5. Oval shopping basket with raised sides or middle


C. Fitching

  1. Fitched shopping basket small
  2. Fitched shopping basket large
  3. Fitched laundry basket

D. Square work


  1. Tool basket
  2. Tray
  3. Cutlery tray

E. Underfoot base

  1. Round underfoot base
  2. Oval underfoot base

F. Sculptural work