Sculpture WHISPERS


Sculpture from willow. More info about the inspiration and process in the blogpost here.


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Dimensions are 48cm high, approx. 40cm wide.

Made from willow grown ourselves. Colour variations come from different willow varieties that give different bark colours. No dying involved.



When all has been spent
My robes are empty
When there is nothing left to give
Will you finally hear my roar?

When you are going hungry
And your way to farm food
No longer gives you all you need
Will you listen to my whisper then?

When my rivers run dry
No more tears to shed
Or my streams transform
Into raging torrents
Will you finally take to heart
My painful spasms?

When from desperation
you will finally have to stop
running at unnatural speeds

Will you open up?
Will you slow down enough to feel the earth beneath your feet?
Will you feel her tender touch
The connection you both have been craving
For such a long time?

When each step,
each embrace,
each hurting muscle,
and each annoying incident
is only saying one thing:
Stop. Slow down and listen.
The whisper can grow
into a resounding ROAR!

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Sculpture WHISPERS

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Dimensions 40 x 35 x 48 cm


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